Friday, January 22, 2021

Welegal services have best attorneys to provide the solution to all your legal queries. We believe that our out of box and solution-oriented approach simplifies all your legal issues.

The unique aspect of our firm is our team, we have built the team that has good expertise and experience in their respective sectors. Our experience and continuous devotion to work keep us updated regarding the recent amendments which help us to perform well. We offer complete legal services across a broad variety of practice areas. We believe that we should not compromise our ethics in any situation.

Our Areas of Focus

Criminal Law

Our cutting-edge trial firm represents clients in prosecution as well as in criminal defense and civil litigation. Our top Springfield criminal lawyers appear in courtrooms to resolve dispute through years of experience.

Real Estate Law

Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience in documentation, verification and drafting the property related matters, such as Sale Agreement, sale deed, Power of Attorney, Development Agreement, etc.

Banking Law

Welegal, with the help of its expertise lawyers, committed to assist the Clients in project finance, Housing Loan finance and in resolving banking related disputes."

Family Law

Our lawyers know that trial is not necessary in all divorces. If we believe it is in your best interests, our family lawyers recommend settlement, mediation or arbitration to reach equitable divorce terms.

Labour Law

A key strength of our Labour Laws practice is our experience & independence. We have a close relationship with a comprehensive network.

Civil Law

The Civil Law is the most important branch of law consisting the rules, procedures, regulations and judicial significance, helps to resolve the various civil disputes...

Consumer Matters

We have expert lawyers to act before the Consumer Forum, to protect the consumers from exploitation and to save them from adulterated and substandard goods and deficient services.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is our key-practice area, which necessitates transactions and legal advisory relating to day-to-day affairs of the Companies, their regulatory issues and Corporate Governance concerns.

Contract Law

Our attention is focussed in Contract Act which is the law relating to Contracts with object to ensure to honour the rights, obligations and legal remedies made available to affected persons.