Friday, October 23, 2020

Civil Law

The Civil Law is the most important branch of law consisting the rules, procedures, regulations and judicial significance, helps to resolve the various civil disputes, like ordinary issues, private matters, marriage conflicts etc., between individuals and/or organizations. Civil law covers various issues of day-to-day life and hence the scope of Civil Law is very extensive. 

The civil disputes are regulated in the court of law by the Code of Civil Procedure. The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 contains the law relating to the procedure in suit and Civil Proceedings. Every court shall make trial of case which is under his territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction.

“WELEGAL” is one of the dedicated and smart working legal assistance firms in India and committed to provide a complete legal service in civil law. WELEGAL provides services and assistance to resolve disagreements and disputes between individuals, families or organizations with the help of the experienced lawyers.  We have the good team of lawyer expert in dealing with the cases. We are committed to hire the best affordable lawyer in the interest of our client. 

We are working  in

  • All the matters related to property,  buying/selling of a Land, house, Flat
  • An type of dispute related to Real Estate, disputes between builders and the buyers of the flat, dispute of delayed construction by the builder etc.
  • Civil Dispute under the provisions of Real Estate (Regulation and Development Act, 2016
  • landlord problems/harassment due to title dispute etc.
  • Civil Suit against the driver to claim for the loss or injury sustained in the accident. 
  • Civil suit for supplying wrong products  or wrong claims made at the time of the deal, by and between the company and/or individual,
  • Civil Suit related to family matters, like divorce, maintenance, Domestic Violence,
  • Disputes arises under Consumer Law, District Consumer Forum, State Consumer Forum
  • Title Documents verification, Land Records Verification  and legal opinion
  • Legal Notices  

We have our office situated at Dhanbad, the Coal Capital of India.

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