Property Verification

Verify Property Documents with the Help of Expert Lawyers

Individuals put their whole life investment funds in purchasing property henceforth get property reports confirmed and checked prior to buying the property and secure themselves from the hazard of misrepresentation, faulty title, and fake archives. Our team of the experienced advocate’s across different cities in India gives top-notch proficient legitimate administrations and direction for your Property Verification Process.

What’s Included

  1. a) Generating Title Search Report of the most recent 13 years and Certified Copy from the Registrar/sub recorder office.
  2. b) Verification of past proprietorship archives for actually taking a look at the title and freedoms of the merchant.
  3. c) Verification of Sales Deed for really taking a look at the title and freedoms of the merchant.
  4. d) Verification of Agreement to sell for actually looking at the title and freedoms of the merchant.
  5. e) Verification of Conveyance deed and Will for actually taking a look at the title and privileges of the vender.
  6. f) Verification of Perpetual rent deed for really taking a look at the title and privileges of the vender.
  7. g) Verify and make sure that the archives have been enrolled and suitable stamp obligation has been paid.

What’s Not Included

  1. a) Title scan report for over 13 years.
  2. b) Final rundown of expectations might fluctuate contingent upon accessible archives and property type.
  3. c) Verification of particular kind of properties like enormous land packages, agrarian land, huge business structures and edifices, and so forth

You may Also Want To Know

  1. a) In what everything circumstances, do property reports should be checked?

Archives should be confirmed when you are going into to an exchange including property, for example,

  1. a) when you as a buyer are taking a home advance
  2. b) when you are selling your property for getting credit against property
  3. c) when you are taking a property on a drawn out rent for business purposes and so on
  4. b) Which all records ought to be confirmed?

The accompanying records ought to be confirmed:

  1. a) Conveyance Deed
  2. b) Sale Deed
  3. c) Agreement To Sell
  4. d) GPA/Power Of Attorney
  5. e) Will
  6. f) Relinquishment Deed
  7. g) Partition Deed
  1. h) Freehold/Mutation Details and so forth
  2. c) Is it worth to get reports confirmed/checked?

For a property esteemed at lakhs and crores, putting in a couple thousand on check is an astute choice as it will guarantee you are putting a particularly tremendous sum in the right property. Contrasted with the commissions charged by land handles, the costs associated with title confirmation is practically immaterial.

Property registration in India is governed by the Registration Act of 1908. Registration of property requires submission of some documents, payment of fees and stamp duty, and signing of documents by the vendor and therefore the purchaser.

In India, there’s a law effective regarding immovable property and its transfer. there’s an Act referred to as the Registration Act, 1908. consistent with this Act, any transaction having the sales proceeds of Rs 100 has got to be registered. So, practically registration may be a must wherever there are a purchase and buy of property or transfer of property. there’s a provision for Penalty For Late Registration Of Property.