Sale Deed Drafting and Registration

Registration of a Sale deed

Both the vendor and therefore the purchaser need to keep all the important documents within the sub-registrar office to verify the sale deed and shut the deal. The registration of a purchase deed includes:


The value of the property has got to be determined supported the circle rate therein region.

The circle rates of the area and therefore the actual price purchased the property are related. While assessing the stamp duty the upper of the 2 values, the circle rate and therefore the actual price paid need to be taken into consideration.

Additionally, a non-judicial stamp paper of the worth so calculated has got to be purchased consequently.

Consequently, the deed has got to be provided and typed in stamp papers.

The final step needed in making the sale deed registered is to match the sub-registrar office to urge the sale deed registered. The parties must be followed by two witnesses

Realistic Expectations

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