Tenant Eviction Notice

Draft Legal Notice/Reply To A Legal Notice For Tenant Eviction


If you’re facing any kind of dispute together with your tenant, you’ll legally send a notice to your tenant before reaching the courts as the last resort. Most Landlord/Tenant disputes get settled once they receive a legal notice. “Welegal” helps you send a legal notice drafted by an experienced advocate, which increases the probability of getting your Landlord/Tenant dispute resolved.

What’s Included

  1. a) Introduction call. A 30-minute call to understand your advocate and mention specific facts of your situation.
  2. b) Draft of Legal Notice. The advocate will share the draft of the legal notice for your approval
  3. c) Dispatch of Legal Notice. Once the notice is finalized after your approval the advocate will dispatch the legal notice through registered mail and share the tracking number.


What’s Not Included

  1. Filing of any case post sending out the legal notice isn’t included during this service.